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I am so glad that you are here on part of your journey to self love... You deserve this.

BUB (Beautifully Undressed Boudoir) is a specialist award-winning professional boudoir photography service where artistic and sensual images are created (by myself, Jess, & my female team), in a beautiful light-filled studio which is based in the center of Sheffield, the U.K. It is a special place where everyone leaves feeling empowered & forever beautiful.

BUB is not at all your stereotypical boudoir style of photography and my images are not overly revealing but still convey a strong feeling of intimacy and sensuality, which are often described as ethereal, soft and romantic.  And please remember that you don't have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and YOU are always in control. BUB ensures to give you an enjoyable experience which will allow you to express yourself in which-ever way you wish. If you are having the hair & make-up option prior then prepare for some serious pampering, followed by an informal shoot which will compliment your body type and enchase YOU.

Before each booked session professional planning and coaching is offered which makes it specifically tailored to you which helps to build the excitement for visualising how you will look in your images.  And the process will be explained in-depth to you before hand.

Since the beginning BUB has grown and progressed to include woman at a variety of times in their lives and is consistently popular as a wedding gift, birthday gift, maternity gift, and even as a gift to yourself (why not?).

BUB also offers a range of stunning presentation ideas which completes the perfect surprise gift to give to your partner on their birthday, or soon-to-be spouce the night before the wedding. 

 "The shoot was amazing! Getting my make up done and a glass of prosecco took away any last minute nerves that were still present! I felt comfortable and confident throughout, mainly because of the fabulous direction Jess gives you and the calming aura that Jess projects. At the end, I felt so happy and proud of myself and I wanted to do it again! And what started off as a gift for my husband, turned out to be a gift for myself. Something I will forever treasure and look back on with confidence and pride..." Read all testimonials here.

 All photography provided by Beautifully Undressed Boudoir

Inclusive to all body types (there is no judgement at BUB). Strictly over 18's.



Please feel free to watch this slideshow of photography highlights taken from BUB's previous boudoir sessions. 

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