About me

Hi I'm Jess, the owner of BUB and I have been photographing boudoir sessions for over ten years. I started my boudoir business alongside my wedding photography business in 2012 after finding that many brides-to-be were interested in these sessions as a surprise gift to their soon-to-be husbands.  

My work has since grown and progressed to include woman at a variety of times in their lives (not just for a wedding gift but for any occasion & pregnancy).

I love the ethereal softness of the human form together with the presence of beautiful ambient light - it's what helps to make a sensual photograph, and it's a creation of my signature style of boudoir photography.  

Being able to help women see their own beauty is so very rewarding and it's the main reason why I love what I do. All my sessions are planned together with my clients, and are tailored to them and their needs, and on the shoot they are always the ones who are in control.  I have an all-female team, and I only work with a handful of selected hair and make-up artists who are not only the best at what they do, but are very lovely too.  My aim is to give the best experience from beginning to end. I also respect and do not take lightly the responsibility of being allowed to take such personal and intimate photos and anything shown on my site / social media will only be published with consent and permission.

I won the boudoir category in the 2016 portrait photographers contest with Rangefinder Magazine.  I am also listed as one of the best hand-picked boudoir photographers on the Boudoir Collective website.  October 2016 I spoke at ARC, a photographers conference, about my boudoir work to over 200 delegates in Vancouver B.C.   

I have a beautiful industrial boudoir studio in the center of Sheffield but I also work from various locations and travel abroad.