What can I say... this was such a lovely yet fun experience. Jess has such a quiet calm influence whenever she is in a room whether shooting or styling. We chatted and laughed but the nicest part was her supportive manner. Always ushering kind words of encouragement and her sheer joy when she saw something she felt was really special.

It was a truly lovely experience, one that I would highly recommend anyone to do. Of any age or size as she sees something very beautiful in everyone and manages to portray it making you feel super special. Xxxx
— Alison
I decided to do a a boudoir shoot with Jess on the morning of my wedding because I felt that there was something significant in recording the person that I am underneath all the bride stuff, the lace and tulle and flowers - I wanted to have a visual record of myself and how I felt before the big moment, separate from The Dress and the wedding party and all the other excitement. Still, I was quite nervous about being the sole focus of the camera lens - but Jess brought a sense of warm professionalism that put me at my ease and made me able to appreciate the beautiful images she was creating, as well as the indulgent experience of being the centre of attention. By being friendly, relaxed and calm, Jess made me feel empowered and gorgeous - both of which are excellent feelings to have on one’s wedding day!

Looking back, I realise that the experience has continued to mean something to me beyond the enjoyment from the day itself. The photographs are stunning. Jess captured the milky, cool light of the spring morning, and somehow brought a sense of glamour that was not frivolous or flippant, but adult, intelligent, and beautiful. Jess gave excellent direction - clear and simple and calm - but I felt that I was always in control; not just the subject in the eye of the camera but a collaborator, a co-creator of the images. In the photographs I am myself - yes, I’m all dressed up in fancy pants, but I’m still me. The images reflect my personality and feelings as well as Jess’ talent and sense of style. While the photos are a gift to my partner, as a record of the very intimate and personal bond we have, and the day on which we made our promises, they are also a gift to me. A reminder that I’m empowered to be who I want to be, and to look the way I like, from the most important day of my life to every ordinary Tuesday afternoon.
— Becky
After tragically loosing my mother and suffering from severe anxiety growing up, my confidence was always low. Issues that every woman has with her looks were intensified for me.

One day a friend shared with me that she had done a beautiful set of Boudoir photos as a gift to her new husband. I saw the images and they were so beautiful, vulnerable and raw. It was such a powerful but personal gift. So I decided, after much deliberation to go ahead with a Boudoir shoot of my own as a gift for my husbands birthday.

I was petrified and thought about cancelling many times. But I told myself this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am pushing 40! So after speaking with Jess on email and the phone I decided to go ahead with it. I could tell Jess understood what pictures I wanted to create, not just for my husband but for myself. Jess created a pin board and we exchanged ideas and images so when it came to the day of the shoot I was confident she understood what I wanted to achieve.

The shoot was amazing! Getting my make up done and a glass of prosecco took away any last minute nerves that were still present! I felt comfortable and confident throughout, mainly because of the fabulous direction Jess gives you and the calming aura that Jess projects. At the end, I felt so happy and proud of myself and I wanted to do it again! And what started off as a gift for my husband, turned out to be a gift for myself. Something I will forever treasure and look back on with confidence and pride.
— Victoria
Having a boudoir session with Jess was such a lovely experience. Although having seen beautiful images of her work and feeling confident with her photographic talents, I had not been in front of a professional camera for around 7 years! And as every woman does have a difficult relationship with my body! She made me feel relaxed and comfortable, I totally forgot I was in next to nothing being photographed! The images I have seen I absolutely love. She not only has amazing creative talent but also a great demeanour that will make your boudoir experience thoroughly enjoyable! I highly recommend booking Jess for the ultimate boudoir experience
— Radha
For years I’ve wanted to do a boudoir session as a gift to my partner. I loved the idea of having photographs that I would be able to keep and look back on in years to come… I had just never felt brave enough! I looked into it for ages looking at different photographers and I almost gave up, but thankfully I found Jess.

Jess’ work is truly amazing. She was wonderful from the start, keeping in touch for months before my shoot was due advising me on the best types of underwear and creating me a unique photo board so we could share ideas. She made me feel so relaxed and excited to finally get it done! On the day of the shoot Jess spoiled me rotten, I felt like a model! She creates such a calm and relaxing atmosphere and we spent most of the afternoon laughing, like I would with an old friend.

Jess has given me such wonderful, timeless photographs that I will treasure forever! Thank you for giving me the confidence to finally do this Jess, and for giving me photos that I will quite happily share with the world… and I never thought I would say that!
— Jen
My husband always tells me I’m beautiful but I constantly shrug it off.  I’ve never been happy with my body as there is always so much pressure to look like what everyone else classes as beautiful. Since having our gorgeous son I’ve felt even more conscious about my body; a wobbly belly, stretch marks and wider thighs. As a wedding gift for my husband I wanted to have the confidence to do a boudoir shoot but I wanted the photos to express who I was and show the delicate sides of my body. I saw work by Jess and knew instantly that she was the lady to do just that! She really helped me on the day to feel confident in myself, be relaxed and most of all just to be me! I could have spent all day being photographed by Jess (and this is coming from someone who is always asking for that iPhone pic to be deleted!). After seeing the photos Jess captured, I am truly blown away!! My husband adores them and we both agree that Jess has captured me and my body in such an amazing way that  it shows my journey through life!!  I now appreciate my body and everything that it has gone through! The photos are truly beautiful and they boost my confidence everytime I look at them!! Thank you Jess for helping me to see what my husband sees! 
You are a truly wonderful photographer and I can’t wait to book our family shoot with you xx
— Haley
I booked in a shoot with Jess after seeing her work and wanting to shoot for some time.
This shoot wasn’t for a marriage or partner. It was just for myself. I’m a professional performer and wanted to update my portfolio however it became so much more than that. 
I’ve always had hang ups about my body and the way I look, but Jess made the whole experience so relaxed, fun and enjoyable. The pictures I got back are amazing, one of the best shoots I’ve ever had and filled me with more body confidence than I’ve had in a long time. I would always recommend Jess and Beautifully Undressed for any shoot or occasion. She’s one hell of a photographer <3
— Carly
I found Beautifully Undressed Boudoir on Instagram through a quick search, and was blessed to learn Jess was only in Sheffield! I was very unsure put I was put at ease straight away, from the first meeting. The day of the shoot, the gorgeous Chloe did a spectacular job on my hair & make up, so glad I opted for that! The prosecco was a welcome nerve settler, and Jess gave fantastic direction as I’ve never done anything resembling a photo shoot.
The photos turned out fantastic, every single one of them left me with a little tear in my eye that it was me in the photos. I did it as a Christmas present for my partner, but the self confidence it gave me.. much more valuable! So much in fact I agreed to get 3 put on large canvas to put on the bedroom wall.. So now everyday I get to a reminder of the sexy woman I am! Thank you for me! And him!
— Alicia
I booked Jess to take some photos as a wedding gift for my husband and I do not regret it!!! Right from the beginning Jess was quick to respond to questions, and very easy to chat with. She made me feel at ease on the day and very comfortable. I am so pleased with the end result, the images are beautiful, classy and elegant and my husband loves them too! Thank you Jess!
— Kimberly
Hi Jess, I just wanted to say a big thank you for my Boudoir photographs! Firstly I never would have believed I’d be able to have the guts to do anything like this, and secondly I totally would never have imagined seeing myself the way you captured me. After some (!) persuasion from my then ‘husband to be’ I decided to go for it and I am so pleased I did! Your relaxed and calm approach made the experience enjoyable and even fun! The photo book you created with the images was incredible, and the reaction Jonny gave after surprising him with it the night before the wedding was something very special…..I have those memories now forever. Thank you xx
— Rebecca
For a long time I have been secretly dreaming of having a boudoir shoot but never really had enough courage to book it. I was worried if I would be able to relax, and how my body would look, and if I would like the end result, as I really wanted it to be classy and not ‘pin-up.’ I finally came across Jess’ work and felt it resonated with me and the look I wanted to achieve, so I booked it. This session has given me more than I had hoped for. You made me feel at ease, we chatted and laughed all the way and by the end I felt so relaxed and I was just being myself without worrying about the camera. You are truly amazing in your approach, you listen and guide in a natural way... and the end result is simply stunning. Thank you for giving me such confidence during the shoot... and thank you for such amazing pictures which are now printed in a beautiful album so I can proudly show my love... I am already dreaming of maybe having another one! xx
— Agi
I had a boudoir photoshoot with Jess recently and would wholeheartedly recommend her - from discussing ideas beforehand about what I wanted the photos to be like, to putting me at ease on the day (I’d never done any kind of photoshoot before so it was quite a big thing for me), to beautiful, artistic photos that were just what I wanted. If like I was, you like the idea of having a boudoir photoshoot but feel a bit unsure or nervous about actually doing it - go for it, Jess makes the whole process feel easy and enjoyable.
— Charley