Rangefinder The Portrait Photography Contest Winner

The 5th October 2016 I received an email of congratulations for winning the annual Rangefinder's portrait photography contest in the boudoir category.

Rangefinder Portrait Winner Sheffield

Rangerfinder Magazine is a prestigious award-winning photography magazine and is the official publication of Wedding and Portrait Photographers Internationally. I'm extremely humbled and honoured to have my boudoir work recognised by Rangefinder and to win an award with them.

Below are some of the winning images that were entered as a series.

Boudoir photography for me much more than photographing women and men in sexy lingerie and/or nude, it's so much deeper than that... it's about encouraging others to see their own beauty, inside as well as out, helping them with body confidence, empowerment, and photographing their true self, authentically and beautifully.

For my work to be recognised and celebrated this way is just a wonderful feeling, and my aim is to continue to show others their beauty through my photography.  Thank you to all those who have fallen in love with boudoir photography the way that I have, and to those that have allowed me to share so many special experiences.

It's been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to every single step I will continue to take along the way.