ARC Photographer's Conference

An amazing opportunity arose for me to travel to Vancouver B.C Canada in October to attend a 3 day conference for photographers hosted by ARC where I also gave a presentation about my boudoir work to the 200 + delegates, which was a really wonderful experience and event to be part of and everyone was super encouraging and welcoming.  I definitely can say that I felt at home up on that big stage. 

I only spent a few days out there, as I had to fly back in time for a wedding, but I still managed to squeeze in some time to see the City, and go on a photo walk with Toronto's own street photographer Dan Cristea, oh and the food trucks... well they were just delicious :)


ARC are hosting another photographer's seminar again in October 2017, and the line-up looks insane, take a look here - and to grab an early-bird pass.  If you are thinking about going next year do it, Vancouver is an amazing place to visit, and to witness so many amazing photographers speak under one roof, and for you to become part of a greater community full of like-minded people, it's definitely worth the trip!