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Free Meditation & Affirmations Guide For Boudoir Photographers

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I don't know about you but most of the time I need some inspiration, guidance and focus before my sessions. There is a big responsibility that comes with boudoir photography because as boudoir photographers we have to really be aware and tune into our client's energy, and clear any unwanted energy of own (which isn't always an easy thing to do). The most important part of our job is to help our client feel good about themselves.

How do you prepare yourself before a client arrives? I have to make sure that I’m in a good frame of mind before each session, so I created a method which I follow before each client arrives. It works for me and by sharing it I hope it also works for you too.

You can download my free meditation and affirmations guide by filling out the form below.

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I appreciated your creation. It’s an easy read and reminds us that ‘we can do this!.’ And yes, I often over-think during a session and find that once I release that, the session goes so much better.
— Andrew Kjos

I’d love to know how you get on, feel free to send any questions my way at:

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