Boudoir Photography E-Book Course

boudoir photographers ebook


Beautifully Undressed Boudoir e-book course

Create Stunning Boudoir Photographs by BUB Photographer Jessica Pereira

The e-book course covers the many aspects to creating beautiful boudoir photographs in great detail. It can be worked through at your own pace, and can be used as a guide whenever you feel the need. It doesn’t stop at just an e-book though. You’ll also get a workbook, bonus materials and tutorials.

The e-book covers: 

Building client trust

Creating a memorable experience


Using vulnerability to tell an intimate story

How to make clients more comfortable during their session

Playing with Light 

Working with natural curves

The workbook covers: 

Planning your sessions

How to set the tone for your sessions

Goal setting

Portfolio building exercises : Light, Angling, Distance, In-Between Moments, The Shapes and Curves, Working with Movement

And bonus material: 

Client Prep Guide Sample: Helping your clients to prepare for their session

Client Brochure Sample: How to get into a positive frame of mind before your session

Meditation & Affirmation Guide

Editing in Colour using Lightroom + AS Exposure

Editing Black and White

Who is it for?

This e-book is designed for anyone who already photographs boudoir, or who is thinking about getting into boudoir photography. Most principles can be transferred to other genres too, such as portraiture in general, as the light work and practical exercises will work just the same. There are no rules as to who and why.

What is specific about this e-book is how to work with both real clients and models; how to help them feel more at-ease in-front of you and your camera, how to take flattering photographs of all body-types, how to use a woman’s vulnerability to tell their story, how to produce the type of images you want to and show to attract your dreams clients, and much much more.